Jewellery capsule collection designed by Frédérique Hutter for SANNI Foundation

Frédérique Hutter designed this jewellery collection to benefit the Sanni Foundation which provides assistance and a home for forty HIV-positive orphans in Kerala, India.

Operating in India and Myanmar, the SANNI Foundation aids children and adolescents by empowering women and through anti-poverty measures including access to quality education and healthcare. This jewellery project enables local residents to work on both jewellery and textile carfting such as the making of small pompadour pouches for the capule collection made with re-purposed Sari fabrics.

The twenty jewellery pieces were locally produced in December 2018, and each is named after a girl living in the Village. The girls were styled and photographed for the catalogue by Frédérique Hutter.

Frédérique is a Zurich-based gallerist & art dealer and a SANNI Foundation ambassador. She is passionate about the arts and other creative and aesthetic pursuits.

The collection is on sale at the shop Modestrom in Zurich Seefeld and directly at Frédérique Hutter.

For requests please write an email:

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Der renommierte Schweizer Künstler François Berthoud fotografiert und porträtiert Sie, Ihre Verwandte oder Freunde als Auftragsarbeit. Durch den Erwerb dieses Unikats unterstützen Sie mit einem Teil des Erlöses die SANNI Foundation.

Für Anfragen und Konditionen kontaktieren Sie bitte:

Frédérique Hutter I Tel. 044 212 22 00

Press Bolero May 2015