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Präsentation des Projekts und der Spezialeditionen (Info/Dossier)
„A l’envers“ & „A l’endroit“ zwecks Foundraising

Showroom FRÉDÉRIQUE HUTTER Art Concept, Nähe Kunsthaus Zürich.
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„A l’endroit“ & „A l’envers“, 2022, stone lithography on rives handmade paper,

each 75.5 x 58.5 cm, Ed. 25, CHF 1’100. (framed plus CHF 180.-)


Vollständiges Dossier auf Deutsch (PDF)


Project description

Andrea Heller planned the installative, monumental work „l‘endroit de l‘envers“ for her solo exhibition at the Kunsthaus Centre d‘art Pasquart 2019 following her intuition and imagination. With its dimensions of 7 x 7 x 5.5m, the structure and dark painting, it radiated imposing radicality and power. This work catapulted the artist into a new dimension. „Despite fragility and the threat of collapse, one can imagine how this structure could be animated or even inhabited.“ Andrea Heller said in a conversation with curator Felicity Lunn in front of an audience, and then spontaneously concluded: „After dismantling the exhibition, I will build an inhabitable sculpture out of it, where you can work and sleep.“ Sibylle Thomke, who was in the audience, offered her the ideal location for it after the conversation: In the southwest of France, in the castle park of the Château de Sibra – an extensive complex with an interesting history. As a result, they planned, considered, discussed and organised. 

„L‘endroit de l‘envers“, in a modified form, is now finally to be built. The special feature of „l‘endroit de l‘envers“ in Sibra, is not only the dark painting inside and outside, but also the hybrid character. The built structure is sculpture and architecture and much more. The monumental house of cards of the original installation is transformed here into a hybrid of an A-shape shelter and an observatory. A compact building with external dimensions of around 4 x 4 x 5m is to be created. The interior is kept radically minimal: on the ground floor there is a workroom, further up a bedroom. A table, chairs, shelves, soft textiles, a mobile dry toilet and a mini-kitchen complete the interior. 

Once completed, the place will serve people of all backgrounds and fields of activity as a temporary retreat, thinking space, laboratory, mini-studio or observatory, offering an unusual spatial experience. 

„L‘endroit de l‘envers“ will then be operated both as a résidence d‘artistes and rented out as a guest house. 

Among other things, a residency in „l‘endroit de l‘envers“ should provide an occasion to reflect on sufficient action, on where we are and from where we can act and how. During the planned stays of 2-3 weeks and away from the usual working environment, the immersive darkness of the painting inside will redirect the senses. 

exhibition view Kunsthaus Centre d‘art Pasquart, Biel-Bienne, 2019.


The Château de Sibra dates back to the 11th century and was extended in different eras. Just recently, it has been very carefully and completely renovated. The 15-hectare park dates mainly from the 19th century and is populated by many plants and trees, some of which are very rare. The small lake with its cascades, the old apiary with space for 80 beehives, the hunting lodge and the artificial grotto are typical witnesses of the time. Andrea Heller‘s work also fits conceptually into this landscape, which has been made by man for centuries; how man intervenes in territories, how he marks them out or draws himself into them, is of particular interest to her in her work. 

The proximity to the château and thus the connection to the infrastructure can be used by the temporary residents of „l‘endroit de l‘envers“ to a greater or lesser extent as they wish. More information about the Château de Sibra and the interesting history of Monsieur de Fajac can be found on the website: 




There is now a whole team behind the project. The construction of 

„l‘endroit de l‘envers“ is being realised by Atelier Savaan, Holzmanufaktur (Biel-Bienne), which has already realised the professional installation in the Kunsthaus. Kevin, Laurens, Béla and Philippe are professionals in the construction of Tiny Houses and also have experience in the field of art realisation. 


The place in Sibra is provided by Sibylle. She is an architect, has converted the castle and now runs it with different projects, such as studio residences in the former horse stables. This will make great synergies possible. 

The realisation of the building is based on the use of panels painted by Andrea Heller from the installation, which will be used for the entire interior. In addition, ecological and local materials will be sourced locally. 

The construction costs estimated 23,000 CHF (including fees), plus 

material of about 18‘000 CHF, planning costs of 3‘500 CHF, project costs of 

of CHF 10,000 and transport costs of CHF 1,500. 



Andrea Heller: 

+41 (0)79 192 12 50, hallo@andreaheller.ch 

Frédérique Hutter 

+41 (0)79 660 34 10, bonjour@frederiquehutter.ch



In order to realise this long-awaited project, to build in early spring 2023 and to be able to welcome the first residents in summer, financial support is needed now. 

That is why Andrea Heller has created a special edition at Thomi Wolfensberger: two stone lithographs, format 75.5 x 58.5 cm, 25+5APs each.

Become part of the project with one of the following support packages:



– both editions (numbered and signed)

– two overnight stays (for 1-2 persons) at the Château de Sibra

– name plate at „l‘endroit de l‘envers

– day trip with Frédérique Hutter to Biel-Bienne with a visit to the Centre d‘art Pasquart and a studio visit with Andrea Heller 

CHF 6‘800



– one edition (numbered and signed) of your choice

– one overnight stay (for 1-2 persons) at the Château de Sibra 

or at „l‘endroit de l‘envers

CHF 1‘900 



– one edition (numbered and signed) of your choice 

CHF 1‘100


Full project description as PDF